One-stop shop

Since early start up, Celltech has supplied wholesalers with a specific concept fitted for the wholesaler and the market they are located in. We have supported most areas like DIY / Electrician & Plumber wholesalers / Agriculture / Techniq / Development houses or other wholesalers supplying retailer market.

Our force is to cooperate with wholesalers to define, optimize & deliver oppertunities and solutions to benefit all parts, wholesalers and their customers, whatever it's a specific product, concepts & packing solutions or knowledge which benefits our partners and customers. 

Celltech is much more than standard products and offers as well technical support for technical solutions, and in this way benefit our partners. Celltech invest & take part in exhibitions / Trade fairs to make our products visible & recognizable, and benefit our partners this way. Celltech has a good logistic setup both internal as well as external; we believe we are able to supply the biggest wholesalers.

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